Genesis Poster

Graphic presentation of the Genesis perfume.
Illustration by Sandra Chojecka

All illustrations were made by graphic artist Sandra Chojecka. In a very unique way,  she managed not only to reflect the character of each fragrance, but she also hide its notes in between the lines.

Working with Sandra was one of the best things that happened to me while creating Le Frag. I encourage you to have a closer look at the works of this very talented and charming woman on her Instagram profile. Sandra ,Thank you for your patience and every single line.

Sandra about the collab:  “Working with Agnieszka, I realized that I came across a person as detailed as myself. As a result, we were able to quickly “predict” the latter. While creating illustrations for her intriguing perfumes, I felt a great satisfaction that what I was trying to present someone read as if from an open book. This is probably the first time that each of my signs, lines or colors has acquired a completely new meaning and is a necessary, integral part of the illustration for someone but me.
* Also It´s interesting how saturated orange can be and that for me “enough” means the lowest level on Agnieszka’s scale 🙂 .”