“Once upon a time…”

Grimm Brothers



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Imagine an all-encompassing darkness. You have the taste of ginger in your mouth, like after the gingerbread your grandmother baked for Christmas. The smell of burnt wood and… fur is all around you? You stretch your hands out in front of you and encounter a wall, surprisingly warm. You move carefully along it and come across metal. The cold metal door has thick hinges covered in grease – you feel its stickiness on your fingers.

You are Hansel locked in the evil witch’s oven. Red Light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3!

Grimmtale is my tribute to the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, fueling childhood fears. These stories entertained, drew us in, but also frightened us a bit. They accompany us throughout our lives. Perhaps because they resound with the inevitable.That in each of us there is an innocent and good Snow White. And in each of us lies the big bad wolf.

1 review for Grimmtale

  1. Paweł Szymborski

    Holy Molly, what a scent ! Very interesing as all from brand.

    The story begins with the opening of a rough cumin and lemon. It is safe to feel anxiety with the wind. Having no way back, we enter the forest, it is nice, oh, how many pine trees and this balsamic accord giving a somewhat mysterious whisper.

    The deeper into the woods, the sun has not been seen for a long time. It gets much ambergris, a more animalics notes appears, arranged so as not to scare you. You don’t feel the pines anymore. It gets dark, woody,leathery and finally its more civet. My favorite drydown 🌈

    And this state of being lost remains for many hours, for me it is calm 12h + skin. Compared to previous creations like Genesis or Pippilotta, there is no climax. Which makes Grimmtale the easiest of the brand’s fragrances to pick up.

    there is no close encounter with the beast. Anyway great one.

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