“Don’t let them get you down. Be cheeky. And wild. And wonderful.”

Astrid Lindgren



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Carefree childhood, safe space. Holidays spent at Lakes, purple spots of gentian on torn knees – my mother tries to shape them into my favourite animals and blows “so that it does not sting”. And the backyard in the beloved  neighbourhood (Saska Kepa) where the scent of flowering trees and shrubs mixes with the smell of hot concrete while I draw a  “hopscotch” with chalk. I have pink  tube chewing gum in my pocket which is the dopest because it makes largest balloons. Carpet Hanger Acrobatics – If you can flip the top bar, you rock.

In Pippilotta I capsuled not only all these aromas, but the scene itself, the memory.Once again I am a little girl who plays beloved Pippi Langstrumpf. Everything is possible, the whole world belongs to me.

This girl still exists and gives me strength. Pippilotta – The Rebel.

2 reviews for Pippilotta

  1. We Are Scentient (verified owner)

    I bought Pippilotta as it’s based on Pippi Longstocking, Agnieszka’s the founder of Le Frag, role-model from her childhood. Pippi Longstocking is a feminist icon, she builds her dreams & throws gender roles out the window, playing by her own odd weirdo rules, a cheerful pacifist whose answer to the brutality & evil of war was goodness, generosity, & good humour. I love anything that disrupts the norm & has some fun while doing it, so Pippilotta was an obvious choice.

    How it smells: Damn this is fun, bubblegum but not too sweet, orange blossom & a soft musky leather all jump out before things settle into a fruity cake like & warm concrete like aroma. Think very dry orange blossom with a plumy jasmine hints of aromatic sage & a slightly civety musk & your getting close. A mischievous fun from a plumy aromatic musk, it’s a like a child’s dream of a city, built out of what they know, rather than what is real. There’s some rubbery chewy white florals adding a texture & some indolic touches, as a gooey warm amber glows, soft resins, it’s cosy & slightly powdery, maybe dusty is a better word to suit this imaginary concrete feel.

    A gentle yet rough tomboyesq leather lends some strength in a fun way; maybe Pippi’s given up lifting horses & moved on to cows. It adds a darkness as a counter point to the playful fruity bubble gum florals, quiet like how Pippi would deal with serious matters in a fun bizarre way. I keep getting this baked pie aroma, but one thats filled with a slightly civety indolic musk. It’s oddly delicious & adds some playful grace to the amber leather & orange blossom concrete combination. Vanilla is here but only to round out the edges & hmm maybe thats the gourmand but not thing that’s making me think pie?

    As the bubblegum brightness fades, the plum stays adding some depth to the clary sage, I think this is also part of the rubbery accord I’m smelling along with the jasmine. It blends with the dry earthy orange blossom, inventing this fun city where things aren’t as they seem. This soft leather dusky musk is beautiful with its delicious dark fruity facets. It opens in a fun bright way & goes more serious as Pippilotta eats with the grown up world. It’s a beautifully conceptualised perfume, one that’s not for everyone, but definitely one for those that like something different & unique, it’s fun with a mischievous wink & she definitely marches to the beat of her own drum.

  2. Guido (verified owner)

    I never smelled a fragrance like this before. I know a lot of animalic scents but that is very special and absolutely unique. After my first spray, my thoughts went around thru a horse stable. A deeper smell when a horse box is freashly stocked with straw/hay. After a long time, this gorgeous scent develops into a flowery, lightly sweet cream. I love this perfume very much. My kids like it too but not my wife. So I’ve to wear it when I’m on business trip.

    Congratulation AGA for this HIGHLIGHT in 2021. My absolutely recommendation.

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