Welcome! I am Agnieszka, founder of Le Frag. I was born in Warsaw and grew up in the Saska Kępa neighborhood during the ’80s. Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you my whole life story, but there are a few details I want to share – because who I am and where I came from drastically impacts Le Frag.

First, I was a total freak. I was the girl who wanted to be a policewoman, not a princess. At the time where most girls looked up to Barbie, my idol was a fellow weird girl herself, Pippi Langstrumpf.

I’ve always been an outsider who marched to the beat of my own drum. I was an Honor Student in school and excelled in PE class. I would spend my free time climbing trees, riding a bike, and singing at the Grand Theater of the National Opera. My heart has been torn between my love for art and pumping iron in the gym throughout my life. The question “what will you be when you grow up” haunted me at night. I didn’t understand why authority figures made it seem like you had to limit yourself to one activity. For most of my life, I have felt incomplete. I was drawn to so many things, and it was hard for me to obey bosses, strict rules, and dress codes.

One of my great passions was niche perfumes. I bought my first niche perfume while still in college. I was fascinated by their otherness, complexity, and autonomy from commercial trends. I felt that they were just like me.

In 2009, I moved to Barcelona. I dabbled further into the perfume industry here, where I was welcomed into the world of perfume making. Over the years, while I´ve learned to appreciate them even more I´ve decided to take my passion for perfumes a step further and fulfill my dream.

Encompassing everything I’ve learned, and seeking an outlet to express my creativity,  Le Frag was born.

Le Frag is dedicated to all those who feel different. You’re not alone. Trust me; everything is fine with you.


Le Frag was crafted to reveal my story and inspire yours. Experience invigorating, intoxicating scents that spark emotion, storytelling and might even help you change the course of your narrative. Inside every bottle there is a layered tale made to stir conversations, creativity and passion.

Le Frag is intended to inspire those who wander. And not just for fragrances but for those who crave individuality. I am passionate about sharing my story because I hope it will inspire others to follow their hearts and celebrate their authentic selves.

Like listening to an incredible TED talk, Le Frag is meant to encourage you. If you are an oddball like me, expressive, and not afraid to be unapologetically yourself, I hope you will join me on this journey.