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In case of any doubts drop us an email hello@lefrag.com

Question Can I return a perfume purchased on your website?

Unfortunately, due to the personal nature of the product, returns and exchanges are politely declined. Please sample first.

Question Do you ship outside of European Union?

Yes, but please bare in mind that postage cost does not cover individual customs fees that vary by country.

Question Are your perfumes cruelty free?

Le frag is cruelty free and all of our fragrances are free of parabens and phthalates.

Question Are your perfumes natural?

We use natural and synthetic perfumery materials in our scents, and we follow IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines and EU regulations.

The materials most likely to give people a rash are the naturals, because naturals will contain 300 to 600 different chemicals, made naturally by plants.

Also some synthetic molecules  are used to replicate animal origin scents. That way, no ethical dilemmas are posed.

Question Why some batches differ in color?

Part of using naturals materials like oils, extracts, or resins is that they can vary in color and strength based on when and where they are harvested, how they’re processed, etc. They may also become unavailable from time to time. In that case, another source is selected. While the new source won’t impact the fragrance’s final scent, it can affect the final color.