Time Machine

“I’m your Fairy Tale
A Fairy Tale of your dreams.”

song „Farewell to the fairy tale”
 lyrics by Krzysztof Gradowski



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First, you’ll probably feel a slight acidity, but then sweetness will follow… Weren’t those white candies pineapple-flavored? But wait! There’s a hint of tobacco, did grandpa carry them in his pocket along with his pipe? You close your eyes, trying to reassure yourself about their taste, and suddenly… the time machine starts.

Time Machine is an exception in the entire Le Frag collection. This time, I’m not taking you on a journey through my memories or childhood fascinations, but I invite you on your own journey through time.

Take a sniff and let the Time Machine’s gears run…

Perhaps it will remind you of the workshop where Dad repaired the cabinet, the one Mom constantly nagged him about. Or an old wooden trunk with brass fittings, which hid everything your imagination suggested. A small-town pharmacy, where your pharmacist aunt hid secret potions in hundreds of wooden drawers. Or maybe your beloved grandfather, who was a craftsman and spent every spare moment in his workshop. So often, that he soaked up the scent of the tools, and the space soaked up his cologne, which you will forever associate with love and a sense of security.

Which memory did the Time Machine transport you to? Be sure to let me know!

2 reviews for Time Machine

  1. Quim (verified owner)

    Le Frag’s new addition to it’s very solid line is a bit of a departure from previous releases, Time Machine feels quieter in volume, but not in message, it’s just as evocative (or more, one could argue) than the rest but, for me, it’s more of a distant memory than a vivid event.

    The first blast of herbal-almost funky-pinneaple frees you from any previous idea you could have towards this perfume, guided by the list of notes, and then a musky, somewhat medicinal immortelle, a creamy and nutty (but not gourmand) witch hazel, backed with golden tobacco and oud sends you to a difusse place of your mind, things of a begone phase of your live take a vague form, maybe you are at that woodworking workshop where your grandparents used to go, maybe a bit of solvent, my partner said that it was like being at it’s father’s old car workshop.
    For me, it’s like being at a watchmaker’s atelier, minuscule steel shavings float by the ambient, a shimmery, golden light hits the old barnished wooden bench, and there are still traces of pipe tobacco, used to soothe your nerves after loosing or breaking some tiny parts.

    I think you can tell how much I love Time Machine by now.

  2. Julia

    Time Machine takes you back wherever you want it to.

    My oh my, how I adore this fragrance it’s even hard to imagine. If you think that by now you know this brand well and there’s nothing it can surprise you with, you’re sorely wrong. There’s a very creative mind standing behind it and you can tell it just by looking at the bottle. But let’s get back to the juice.

    First the name. To me, it’s one of the most accurate names a perfume can have. But again, if by now you think you know what to expect from Time Machine, you’re wrong again.

    It’s a perfectly blended perfume and you can smell it right from the beginning. It starts with the hint of something sweet. But don’t worry, it’s not another boring gourmand we’re all fed up with. It’s sweet, but ripe and juicy just like a fruit you’re about to eat. Then you can smell something sour, a little bit savory and with a nice hint of cardamom. After it stays on my skin for a while, I can smell some tobacco and good old rum. Of course, there are animalic notes here too, but this time they’re very gentle. But the note that literally blew my mind is the one that smells like a gear strain. FOR REAL.

    I could talk for hours about separate notes, but what I love about Time Machine is how they all blend and create a perfect combination. It’s incredible how this perfume works on my skin and stays on it for hours. After some time, it gets quiet just to come back unexpectedly with another hint of memories.

    Time Machine gives me comfort, it is pleasantly weird just the way I like and makes me want it more and more.

    So where does the Time Machine take me? On one hand It’s a little dusty and it makes me think about the attic when I was a kid and my grandpa’s workshop.
    But it also has a really cool old-school vibe that takes me back to some old rusty bar in the middle of nowhere in Arizona during the 80’s. One of those places the world forgot about, but it has its own charm with an old jukebox, clouds of smoke from cigarettes and smell of good old alcohol.

    To me, it looks like the gears of Time Machine work perfectly well. Go for it. Find out where it’ll take you.

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